PLWC Art Show Submission Guidelines


Rehumanize International is proud to sponsor the first-ever art contest and show for the Pro-Life Women’s Conference! We are looking for submissions in all of the following creative 2D visual formats:

●      Paintings

●      Lithograph or Screen-Print

●      Computer-based Graphic Design

●      Photographs & Photo-Collages

●      Drawings & sketches

 Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept sculptures, pottery, fabric pieces, ceramics, videos, poetry, or songs. The art must be easily printable

All submissions should explore subjects of the inherent worth of human beings, the dignity, beauty, and strength of women, and this year’s theme, “When Women Lead”

Our goal is to curate a well-rounded show that has the power to inspire our movement.

***Because this event is being sponsored by Rehumanize International, pieces do not need to explicitly address the Consistent Life Ethic, but they cannot contradict the Consistent Life Ethic.

I.e. All artwork submitted must respect the inherent dignity of every human being, from conception to natural death. Art that seems to provoke or suggest violence as a solution shall be disqualified. This is distinct from explorations of dehumanization and violence as contrary to human dignity. The distinction may be subtle in the artwork itself, but the intent is important. If there is any question, we may ask for clarification and/or err on the side of caution and remove the piece from consideration.


Formatting Guidelines:

●      Submits all works to with the subject line: PLWC Art Show

●      All visual art must either be scanned into a high-resolution PDF or submitted as a high resolution jpeg or png

      ○      300 dpi at 12”x12” minimum -- may be higher dpi and/or larger size

      ○      Please save their titles as file names.

●      Do not include your name on work.

●      Please include your name, phone number and email address in the body of the email.

     ○      Additionally, please include a 3-6 sentence description of the themes explored in the piece of art.


Submission Limits:

●      We will accept individual images, a series of images (e.g. a diptych or triptych).

     ○      For all visual works, we welcome striking pieces, but will not accept explicitly graphic images.

●      Art that is submitted to this contest must not be shared publicly on social media or be put on public display until after the winners have been announced.

     ○      If it is a piece that was already made public on personal social media, etc., we ask that here be no further circulation or reference to the PLWC contest until the judges have made their decisions on submissions.

     ○      Art submitted to prior contests is acceptable if and only if it was not a public winner and was not circulated as such.

     ○      Public knowledge of a pre-existing piece which has already been made public may disqualify a piece from consideration if the publicized nature of the art would render a judgment biased/partial. This discretion will remain solely with the panel of judges.



We will select winners for the art show as follows:

●      Honorable mentions whose works will be printed in a standard fashion for display at the Pro-Life Women’s Conference Art Show during the 2019 conference (June 21-23 in New Orleans, LA).

●      3 First Prize Winners whose works will be printed on large banners for display at this year’s conference and all subsequent Pro-Life Women’s Conference events AND whose works will be printed on posters for distribution at the conference.

     ○      First Prize Winners will receive 2 complimentary conference passes.

●      2 Second Prize Winners whose works will be printed on posters for distribution at the conference.

     ○      Second Prize Winners will receive 1 complimentary conference pass.


The submissions will need to forward to


***Deadline for submissions: April 15, 2019

***Winners shall be announced: May 20, 2019



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