Fifth Annual Pro-Life Women’s Conference Speakers

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Keynote Speakers:


Abby Johnson, And Then There Were None

Abby worked at Planned Parenthood for 8 years. She spent her last two years of employment as the health center director. Abby was Planned Parenthood employee of the year in 2008. Her job responsibilities included managing the clinic flow, supervising all employees (including doctors and nurses), meeting quotas established by Planned Parenthood and budgeting on a monthly basis. She was also responsible for training multiple affiliates on normalizing abortion. Abby left because she became aware of the systemic corruption within the organization as she climbed the corporate ladder. Then she witnessed the humanity of the unborn during an ultrasound guided abortion and realized that she was not helping or empowering women but rather participating in harming them. After Abby quit she was thrust into the media spotlight, and wrote her first book with the goal of reaching other abortion workers. The book, Unplanned, is now a major motion picture that was released in March of 2019. That goal was accomplished when other abortion workers began reaching out to Abby for help in leaving their jobs. Abby sought out resources for abortion workers in the pro-life community and soon realized that there were none. She decided something had to change. Helping workers to leave the abortion industry is the missing puzzle piece to ending abortion as we know it in our country.  

No one grows up wanting to work in an abortion clinic and Abby realized that if we can effectively reach out to workers with love; they will leave, and if there are no more abortion workers, then there will be no more abortion clinics, and therefore, no more abortions. It starts with the workers.  

 Abby knows that no one understands the needs of an abortion clinic worker better than someone who has walked in their shoes. She is that person. With the permission and help of several ATTWN clients, Abby has now written a second book, The Walls Are Talking, to expose what is really taking place inside of the clinics. 


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