"We are the Gards" 

By Melissa Ohden - July 24, 2017


“You proved us wrong today, that’s something we don’t say very often.”

As the young resident doctor spoke these words to me two and a half years ago in Ava’s hospital room, I cried hot tears of relief mixed with anger and frustration. I WAS RIGHT! If I had a football around at the time, I would have ran to an imaginary end zone and spiked it. I felt like I had just scored the biggest touchdown of our lives.

How did I prove them wrong? It turned out that our three-month-old, Ava, didn’t have the rare gastrointestinal disorder they suspected she could have, which would have necessitated the PICC line that they were pushing me to let them place in her. That PICC line was a big and invasive step that had the potential for great complications, especially when they were so unsure about her even having the disorder. And I fought them on it. Hard. (continue reading)